Parent Partnership

Family Service Program/Stewardship

Each family is required to give 30 hours per school year in chosen areas of service. These services may be done in any of the designated areas in the church and/or school and are based on the family unit, not on a per child or parent basis. If you are unable to volunteer for any or all of these hours, a fee based on $10.00 per hour will be assessed. It is the responsibility of each family to register their volunteer hours. Family Service hours must be recorded on the monthly calendar provided in the Special Delivery envelope. Please be sure to include your student’s name, grade, and your phone number when turning in your service hours.

Ways to serve your family, our school, our church, and our Lord here at Grace Lutheran School:

>> Assist teachers

>> Copy worksheets

>> Help with classroom projects

>> Chaperone field trips

>> Assist in Computer Lab

>> Assist in the library

>> Donate books to the library

>> Read in the library

>> Assist in the office

>> Recruit others to volunteer

>> Help with Special Delivery Envelopes

>> Contact media for upcoming events

>> Help with maintenance

>> Help serve Hot Lunch

>> Bake for special events

>> Contribute your artistic skills to decorate the school

>> Help with things that can be brought home to do

>> Watch other parents children so they can volunteer

* Please note – All volunteers must complete the volunteer screening process.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures