Please review the following frequently asked questions concerning various aspects of our program.

If you have any questions concerning our program please contact the preschool office at 760.745.0846.

What are your hours?

Our Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We close every third Tuesday of the month @ 5:00 p.m. for staff meetings.

What age can my child start your program?

Children need to be 2 years old by September 1st.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No. If your child is entering the 2 year old program, we will partner with parents to help potty train. Children need to be potty trained by the time they enter the 3 year old classroom.

What are class sizes?

Our 2 year old room ratio is 1 to 7 with 2 teachers. Our 3, 4, and 5 year old rooms are 1 to 11 with two teachers.

Do Preschool children wear uniforms?

We wear a green logo t-shirt on Tuesday Chapel day, and any fieldtrip we attend. Shirts may be purchased in the Preschool office.

Do you offer a Hot Lunch Program?

Yes. You have a choice to bring a sack lunch from home, or purchase hot lunch.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. If you have 2 children enrolled in Preschool, your 2nd child will receive a 20% discount. If you have a sibling attending Grace Day school, they will receive a 5% discount.

Do you need to be a member of Grace Lutheran Church to attend the Preschool?

No, we have families from many different faith backgrounds. We do welcome our Preschool families to visit our church and any functions we participate in.

Do you offer any kind of Physical Fitness Programs?

 Yes. Erich’s Mobile Gym offers a program on Monday Mornings 9:30 – 10:00. Thursday morning at 9:00 Webby Dance offers classes for both girls and boys.

May I register my child at any time?

Yes. You can call the Preschool director to set up an appointment to preview the preschool and obtain a registration packet, or you may download the registration packet (link) from our website.

Is there a registration fee for Preschool?

Yes. There is an $100.00 fee that is nonrefundable. Once that fee has been paid, your child may start at any time.