Counseling Services

Our school counselor, Kara Warner, MS, PPS, provides the coordination of the following services for students:

Counseling – the school counselor meets with students and parents for individual and crisis counseling situations on campus. Long term therapy for students and families is handled by referral to outside agencies.

Conflict mediation – for students and parents.

Standardized testing – completed annually each October using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. You can find out more information on standardized testing here.

Student Study Team (SST) intervention process – the school counselor works with teachers and parents to provide a plan of intervention for at risk students.

Psychoeducational Evaluations – the school counselor assists parents in obtaining evaluations for learning and behavioral difficulties through private clinical psychologists and/or the public school district.

Lunch recess supervision – the school counselor is available to students everyday on the playground during lunch recess in order to help with conflict mediation and relationship skills.

Homework Club – an after school program from 3:15-4:15 where 2nd-8th grade students receive homework help from credentialed teachers in a small group environment. The Homework Club sign-up sheet is available here.

Tutoring Program – the school counselor matches students with tutors in order to provide extra academic support. Tutors are either credentialed teachers or high school students who are alumnus of Grace Christian School.

Individual Accommodation Plans/504 Plans- if a student has a diagnosed learning or behavioral difficulty, the school counselor works with the student’s psychologist and classroom teacher to create and implement accommodation plans.

Speech services – the school counselor works with the speech pathologist from the Escondido Union School District to provide speech articulation support for Kindergarten through 5th grade students.

High school registration – the school counselor assists 8th grade students and their parents in successfully transitioning to high school.

Please contact our school counselor Kara Warner at 760.747.3029, ext. 7108 or if you have any further questions.