Grace emphasizes a rigorous academic program in a differentiated learning environment. Our multisensory approach to education meets the needs of a wide variety of learning styles. Our technology includes Promethean interactive whiteboards, and one on one student laptops or tablets.

The Middle School is departmentalized with subject area experts in each discipline. The classrooms are equipped with either a Promethean interactive white board or a document camera. Middle School students are issued their own Chromebook computer as part of the middle school curriculum. Our hands-on approach to learning includes curriculum enhancing field trips, and science labs. 

K-5 Info

Our Elementary School Highlights Include:

Daily Bible instruction

Phonics based reading program

Rosetta Stone

Accelerated Reader

Challenging Math program

Social Studies

Science – Hands on


4th Grade Sacramento trip

5th Grade Star of India trip

Physical Education program including annual track meet

Middle School Info 

Our Middle School Highlights Include:

Bible instruction

Individual student Chromebook laptops and instruction

Emphasis in writing skills

Differentiated Instruction in Math and Language Arts

Science – Bible based/hands on

Rosetta Stone

Choral/Instrumental Music/Theater

Youth Group

Competitive Sports Program


Transition well academically and socially into High School

Attend four year universities

Campus separated from the grade school by our athletic field

Faculty members are subject experts for each discipline and are professionally credentialed.

K-5 Special Events

Class Trips

KINDERGARTEN - THIRD GRADE: Legoland or Sea World, Bates Nut Farm, San Diego Safari Park/Zoo, Reuben H. Fleet Center

FOURTH GRADE California Mission San Juan Capistrano, Walk Through California, California Gold Rush Days, Sacramento trip

FIFTH GRADE Star of India adventure, Walk Through Revolution

Middle School Special Events

Class Trips

Special events at the Junior High School highlight opportunities to expand the curriculum into the real world. Grace Christian offers the following to Junior High students:

6th Grade Camp

7th Grade trip to Catalina Island

7th Grade Medieval Times

8th Grade 1 week trip to Washington D.C.

8th Grade Blue and Gray Ball/Civil War Re-enactment

K-8 Programs & Offerings

Standardized Testing

In order to compare student achievement to a broader range of national standards we administer the MAPS test. On average our students place in the 80th percentile nationally. Please contact our Principal for questions regarding standardized scores.

Extended Day Care and Summer Camp

Grace Christian School provides extended care for our students from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. A summer camp program is available from June to August with a wide variety of activities and outings.

Student Services

Our principal is knowledgeable with the coordination of the following services for students:

Counseling – the principal meets with students and parents for individual and crisis counseling situations on campus. Long term therapy for students and families is handled by referral to outside agencies.

Standardized testing – completed annually each October using the MAPS testing. You can find out more information on standardized testing by contacting our principal at mquezada@gracelcms.net

Homework Club – an after school program from 3:00-4:00 where 6th-8th grade students receive homework help from credentialed teachers in a small group environment.

Tutoring Program – the principal matches students with tutors in order to provide extra academic support. Tutors are either credentialed teachers or high school students who are alumnus of Grace Christian School.

Individual Accommodation Plans/504 Plans- if a student has a diagnosed learning or behavioral difficulty, we work with the student’s psychologist and classroom teacher to create and implement accommodation plans.

High school registration – the principal assists 8th grade students and their parents in successfully transitioning to high school.

Please contact our Associate Principal, Michelle Quezada at 760.747.3029, ext. 7127, or mquezada@gracelcms.net if you have any further questions.

Parent Partnership

Family Service Program/Stewardship

Each family is requested to give 30 hours per school year in chosen areas of service. These services may be done in any of the designated areas in the church and/or school and are based on the family unit, not on a per-child or parent basis.  

Ways to serve your family, our school, our church, and our Lord here at Grace Lutheran School:

>> Assist teachers

>> Copy worksheets

>> Help with classroom projects

>> Chaperone field trips

>> Assist in the library

>> Donate books to the library

>> Read in the library

>> Assist in the office

>> Recruit others to volunteer

>> Help with Special Delivery Envelopes

>> Contact media for upcoming events

>> Help with maintenance

>> Bake for special events

>> Contribute your artistic skills to decorate the school

>> Help with things that can be brought home to do

>> Watch other parents children so they can volunteer

* Please note – All volunteers must complete the volunteer screening process.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures


In addition to our regular physical education program, we offer an extra-curricular sports program after school. Our after school sports program is an extension of the day school’s academic program.

The after school sports program continues to maintain our goal of educating our students with the highest standards in a Christ-centered environment. We hope to teach and exemplify Christian values of sportsmanship, cooperation, teamwork and commitment. As well as to help foster friendships, provide leadership opportunities, and help our students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition.

All interested students in the seventh and eighth grade will be given the opportunity to participate in the after school sports program.

After School Sports Opportunities

  • Boys and Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Flag Football
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boys and Girls Basketball