Faculty & Staff


Grace Christian preschool teachers are highly qualified and committed to helping each child grow and mature in a loving and positive way. They strive to provide individual attention to each student while nurturing their academic potential and developing character. They have extensive knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Education and Development.

Daisy Araujo


Lili Brooks

Pre-Kindergarten PLUS

Rachel Boyer


Rosemarie Chavez

Terrific Toddlers

Ana Hernandez


Amanda Pollard

Pre-Kindergarten PLUS

Lorie Pollard

Thriving 3’s

Yesenia Rojano

Thriving 3’s

Jana Waller


Maria Gonzalez

Terrific Toddlers


The elementary staff is committed to differentiating the learning environment and using technology to engage the learner. Our highly educated staff averages fifteen years of teaching experience and our standardized test scores improve each year until graduation when the majority of our students achieve test results in the ninetieth percentile. Teacher expectations are high and our instructors are committed to using the latest teaching strategies to reach all students.

Pam Stanley


Mary Beth Mora

First Grade

Christina Van De Wiele

Second Grade

Katie Brumfield

Third Grade

Kim Arnold

Fourth Grade

Aerielle Zabinsky

Fifth Grade

Middle School

The Middle school is departmentalized with subject area experts in each discipline. The Middle School staff works as a team and provides many cross-subject activities both on and off-campus. Three out of the four teachers have masters degrees and all four are products of Lutheran Schools themselves. The local public and private high schools report that our students are well prepared academically, technologically competent, have developed excellent study habits, and are strong Christian leaders. By the time students graduate from eighth grade their standardized test scores are in at least the ninetieth percentile.

Isaac Endermann

Middle School Lead

Karisa May


Victoria Swanson

Social Studies, History, Bible

Lee Zabinsky

Language Mechanics, Writing, Literature, Vocabulary

Pastor Aaron Smith

Senior Pastor, Middle School Bible

Administration & Staff

Our front office, finance department, and our administrative assistants are all here to facilitate a smooth transition to our school.

Ben Elliott


Kara Warner

Associate Principal/Counselor

Michelle Quezada

Associate Principal

Deborah Jackson

Front Office

Patti Mc Donald

Business Office Manager

Gena Keenan

Business Office

Vanessa Lippman

Director of Communications

Darlene Beebe

Extended Care Director/2nd grade Aide

Gretchen Erickson

Extended Care/Aide

Cheryl Guest

Kindergarten Aide/Extended Care

Karen Glarborg

Lunch Duty

Joey LaGrua

Extended Care/Lunch Duty

Jessica Madson

Lunch Duty

Jesse Mazariegos

Extended Care/Lunch Duty

Janita Salazar

1st Grade Aide/Extended Care

Brianna Stanley

Kindergarten Aide

Max Bowman

Extended Care/Youth Ministry

Brad Montour

Maintenance Supervisor

Gloria Gonzales De Bolanos


Maria Carranza


Bryon Stanley


Kyle Guest

Extended Care