Tailored Tuition

At Grace Christian School, one of our greatest values is to make the highest quality Christian education available to all families. It is our desire to offer competitive tuition rates and the best programs available.

We believe that no student should be denied a quality Christian education for financial reasons. Our Tailored Tuition program offers need-based tuition models to families that qualify. Grace Christian School does not offer merit or talent scholarships.

Tailored Tuition FAQs

  • Who May Apply?

Families who desire a Grace Christian Education and feel the tuition may be beyond their reach.

  • How to Apply

FACTS, an independent online service, will process your request and analyze your financial need. Final decisions will be made by Grace Christian School after reviewing the analysis from FACTS. Tailored Tuition applications must be completed online at www.factstuitionaid.com. The application fee for FACTS is $35.

  • When to Apply

New Families – The Tailored Tuition application process is separate from the admissions process. You will need your last 2 years completed tax returns and W-2s in order to apply. Tailored Tuition for new students will be considered only after the student’s school application is completed and the student has been accepted by the Grace Christian School Admissions Office.

  • Returning Families

Returning families will need to re-apply for Tailored Tuition each school year. Applications need to be completed by the end of the school year using your last pay stub and last years tax return. Initial awards will be issued based on reported income. Tax returns must be submitted by May 1, of the current school year, to allow for final award confirmation. Should a family decide not to attend based on an insufficient award, they have 2 weeks after the issuance of their award to notify the admissions office.

  • How are Awards Determined?

Grace uses an objective third-party processor, FACTS, to provide a financial profile of an applying family. FACTS estimates the tuition that the family should pay according to this profile. After careful consideration, Grace determines a Tailored Tuition amount for the family for the coming school year. We make every effort to partner with families who seek Grace Christian School for the education of their children. For more details please review the full policy.

  • When Will Awards be Given?

Tailored Tuition applicants who submit all necessary information to FACTS and have been accepted by the admissions office (new students) will be notified within 4 weeks after completion of your FACTS application.

  • What to Expect

Tailored Tuition awards are applied towards your tuition responsibility. Sibling discounts and other promotions cannot be combined with Tailored Tuition.

  • NOTE: Applicants have 2 weeks to sign and return their award letter. Awards will be forfeited if not officially accepted by returning a signed award letter.

  • Financial Expectations and Confidentiality

Disclosure of Tailored Tuition awards by families may be considered a breach of contract and could lead to revocation of assistance. Assistance may be withdrawn if an account is not kept current and in good standing. All financial information is held in strict confidence by FACTS and our committee.

  • Student Qualifications

Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above and must be free of any disciplinary issues, or awards will be revoked at the end of the quarter.

  • Other Fees

Enrollment fees, uniforms, extracurricular activities, extended care, lunches, and other required annual fees are not covered by Tailored Tuition. These items are billed separately. 

  • Who to Contact:

Our Admissions Team at 760-747-3029